January 3, 2013
James Overell
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First up, let’s get clear on what content is.

For me, content is any useful information that pulls prospects towards your business, and makes it easy for them to buy from you. What content isn’t; is sales spiel.

November 13, 2012
James Overell
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When deciding to get your company an online presence many business owners make the mistake of purchasing just a single domain name. Over time this can proof costly for a number of reasons. Instead business owners should obtain a variety of domain names for their company.

The main reason for registering more domain names is to enhance your online identity. By registering abbreviations and variations of your company name you will get the advantage of creating many different doorways for customers to walk in to your on-line business. Furthermore you will also protect your company from competitor hijackings that can restrict your online activity.

April 23, 2012
David Grinberg
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Web Page Hosting

After producing a web page, the next step is hosting. This is essential to make the site available for public browsing. It's important to confirm that your web-hosting provider will maintain the server on which your site is hosted, as well as manage the technology linking it to the internet.


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