Domain Registration

Do you need a domain name?

With Veraida, domain registration is simple - all domains are $100 for a two year period. (see Pricing matrix)

Then you need never worry about your domain again - we will ensure that it is delegated appropriately and is renewed promptly as required.


Web site hosting

What is web page hosting?

Veraida offer a range of hosting packages. Packages start from $150 per annum, check the Pricing Matrix for more details.

Secure Certificates (SSL)

SSL Certificates - Why Use Encryption?

If your site includes a shopping cart or accepts any sort of credit card payment, Veraida will help setup the site with SSL encryption.


includes dedicated IP (when hosted by Veraida)


Making a Website for Your Business

To position your business online and establish a strong web presence, you need a valuable, working website. The main alternatives for this include:

  • - Creation of a basic website: incorporating contact information and some product marketing.
  • - Creation of a medium website: involving more complex product management and customer relations management.
  • - Creation of a major website: all of the above including the implementation of an e-Commerce system.

Veraida can help by discussing these options with you, and helping you choose the most appropriate option for you.

Some basic example of what we can offer are below:

Small Website
  • Site Design
  • Home Page
  • Single Template
  • Up to 15 content pages
ie. LifeTime Pine
Medium Website
  • Site Design
  • Home Page
  • 3 Templates (including pop-up pages)
  • Single dynamic database element, such as:
    •  - Customer management
    •  - Newsletter Integration
    •  - Forums
ie. HouseMinders
Online Store
  • E-commerce frontend
  • Customer management
ie. Club Pet

Have specific requirements? Custom projects priced on application.

Fixed quotes

Definitive milestones and timelines



Why arrange to have a maintenance agreement in place? Well...

What happens when your business changes, and this needs to be reflected in the materials on your website?

What happens if you are having a promotion and want to advertise this to your customers?

What happens if you decide you need another page on your site?

These things do happen and a maintenance agreement will help make your life easier. Simply tell us what needs to be updated/ changed and release your responsibility of updating the website!

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