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SSL Certificates - Why Use Encryption?

We pass a tremendous amount of sensitive information back and forth via the internet, VPN's (Virtual Private Networks), LAN's (Local Area Networks), etc. every day. What is to stop hackers and thieves from tapping in to that sensitive information and using it to their own gain? That would be the SSL (Secured Socket Layer) for one.

In these days of information there are a great number of reasons web designers and developers use secured pages. Here are some of the most common reasons web developers use secured pages:

What is web page hosting?

Web Page Hosting

After producing a web page, the next step is hosting. This is essential to make the site available for public browsing. It's important to confirm that your web-hosting provider will maintain the server on which your site is hosted, as well as manage the technology linking it to the internet.

Service providers should also offer a range of packages that tailor web-hosting specifications (data storage and transfer) to customers' requirements. These quantities should be scalable to facilitate club growth.

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